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Today’s Kitchen

2 Jul

Improving kitchens to satisfy today’s functions is both challenging and a form of art. Unlike the past where the area was primarily used for just cooking we find ourselves noticing in the ever-changing world of hectic schedules, parents trying to meet all the demands of the fast-paced world and kids sporting events. The Kitchen often becomes a gathering place. It is a central station for scheduling, planning, communication, homework, bill paying, and of course food preparation and eating. All this in one area and that is just the layout.

Little thought is given to proper lighting in a lot of designs from the past and today. The specific layout of lighting can affect the task of food preparation and the mood of the room your entertaining in. Good lighting can turn your kitchen from just a food preparation area to an expansion area for entertaining. All lighting fixtures and layout should satisfy the specific function. There are three types of lighting in a kitchen which are Task Lighting (for specific work zones), Mood Lighting (changing the mood), and General Lighting (for passage and clarity).

The Working Triangle is commonly used for the designing of kitchens. It is the distance of the different work stations fromĀ  the sink, cook top, and refrigerator. In the past this was used to distinguish between a proper or poor layout. In today’s world our kitchens may have more than one working triangle but the theory remains the same. You don’t want the Working Triangle too large. This can cause time being lost running the triangle.

Today the options for appliances, fixtures, and material finishes are staggering. It takes a great deal to keep up with all of it. We spend countless hours viewing and researching the ever-changing world of Kitchen Design and will continue to into the future. We owe it to ourselves and our clients to put out the best possible designs that meet their demands.